We are pleased to announce the 8th Green Chemistry Conference which will be held in Zaragoza on September, 9th -11th, 2009. The purpose of the Conference is to present recent significant results of the international effort on the discovery of environmentally benign chemical products and processes and their industrial application, with special attention on ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY AND CLIMATE STABILITY THROUGH CHEMISTRY.

IUCT, Green Chemistry Network of Spain (REDQS) and Universidad de Zaragoza have the pleasure to invite all those involved or interested in the mitigation of environmental issues and the global climate change through application of Green Chemistry and engineering to actively participate in the 8th Green Chemistry Conference. The Conference offers an excellent occasion to become acquainted with and to discuss about the fundamental concepts of Green Chemistry, its current development and its applications for the reduction of the generation of both pollutants and greenhouse gases.

The Conference aims to contribute to the increase of the present level of chemical, biochemical and engineering knowledge required for this purpose which is still immature or even non existent in certain areas. Equally crucial are the steps which allow the conversion of research achievements into commercial realities. In this regard, innovation policies linking science with industrial application will be critical for creating a good ground for new and better performing, less toxic commercial products made attainable from biomaterials.

Green Chemistry Overview

Green catalysis


Homogeneous catalysis

Heterogeneous catalysis

Supported reagent catalysis


Enzymatic conversions

Cell conversions

Selective activation

Photochemical methods


Microwave activation


Green solvents

Supercritical fluids

Ionic Liquids

Safer functional organic solvents

Aqueous reactions

Solvent-less reactions

Renewable sources of chemicals

Biomass and Biorefineries

Chemical recycling of waste materials

Environmental concerns

Toxicity and Ecotoxicity

Life Cycle Assessment

Green Chemistry Teaching

Honor Committee

Excmo. Sr. Don Jóse Luís Rodríguez Zapatero
Prime Minister of Spain

Excmo. Sr. Don Marcelino Iglesias
President of the Government of Aragón

Excmo. y Magfco. Sr. Don Manuel López
Rector University of Zaragoza

Excma. Sra. Doña Elena Espinosa Mangana
Minister of the Environment

Excmo. Sr. Don Miguel Sebástian
Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade

Excmo.Sr. Don Javier Lambán
President of the Provincial Government of Zaragoza

Excmo. Sr. Don Juan Alberto Belloch
Major President. City Hall of Zaragoza

Excmo. Sr. Don Rafael Rodrigo
President of the Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC)

Excmo. Sr. Don José Luis Marqués
President of the University Council

Sr. Don Fernando Iturrieta
President of FEIQUE

Sr. D. José María Fernández Sousa-Faro
Presidente de ASEBIO

Sr. Don Antoni Zabalza
President of FEDEQUIM

Sra. Doña Mª Luisa Espinós
President of AFAQUIM

Sr. Don Jesús Morte
President of CREA


Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Paul Anastas (University of Yale)

Prof. Pedro Cintas (Universidad de Extremadura)

Dra. Azucena González (CSIC)

Prof. Antonio de la Hoz (Universidad de Castilla La Mancha)

Prof. Dr. José M. López (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)

Prof. Dr. Santiago Luis (Universidad Jaume I)

Dr. Ramón Mestres (Green Chemistry Network of Spain)

Prof. Dr. Luis Oro (IUCH-Universidad de Zaragoza)

Dr. Juan I. Pardo (Universidad de Zaragoza)

Prof. Dr. Juan A. R. Renuncio (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Prof. Dr. John Warner (Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry)

Dra. Julie Zimmerman (University of Yale)


Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. José Antonio Mayoral (IUCH-Univ. Zaragoza)

Prof. Dr. José Urieta (I3A-Univ. Zaragoza)

Dr. Josep Castells (IUCT)

Ass. Prof. Dr. Luis Salvatella (IUCH-Univ. Zaragoza)

Aux. Prof. Dra. Ana M. Mainar (I3A-Univ. Zaragoza)

D.ª Cristina Delgado (IUCT)



Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Opening. Chairman: Ramón Mestres
8.30       Registration
9.30       Opening ceremony
10.00     Avelino Corma: Decreasing waste production by process intensification with uni and multisite catalysts (opening lecture)

11.00     Coffee break/Poster session

Session 1. Biorefineries. Chairman: Luis Salvatella
11.30     James Clark: Green Chemistry and the biorefinery: a partnership for a sustainable future (invited lecture)
12.15     Michele Aresta: Energy and chemicals from aquatic biomass: an example of the implementation of the concept of biorefinery (keynote lecture)

13.00     Lunch

Session 2. Supercritical fluids. Chairwoman: Albertina Cabañas
15.00     Martyn Poliakoff: Supercritical Fluids, green solutions for Green Chemistry (invited lecture)
15.45     Akio Kamimura: Effective depolimerization of polyamides in supercritical alcohols for chemical recycling (oral communication)
16.00     Liang-Nian He: PEG radical initiated- organic reaction in dense carbon dioxide (oral communication)
16.15     Susagna Ricart: Out-standing tuning of chemoselectivity in catalytic cyclocarbonylations performed in CO2-expanded solvents (oral communication)
16.30     Fengyu Zhao: Hydrogenation of unsaturated aldehydes in scCO2-molecular interaction between carbonyl group and CO2 (oral communication)

16.45     Coffee break/Poster session

Session 3. Green metrics and renewable feedstocks. Chairman: Carles Estévez
17.15     Robert Peoples: Green Chemistry – Key to Our Sustainable Future (invited lecture)
18.00     Paolo Righi: Introducing green metrics early in process development. Comparative assessment of alternative industrial routes to Elliott's alcohol, a key intermediate in the production of resmethrins (oral communication)
18.15     Andrei N. Parvulescu: Long alkyl chain ethers from renewables: Telomerization vs. direct etherification (oral communication)
18.30     Marta Paniagua: New applications for bioglycerol: synthesis of oxygenated fuel additives over acid mesoporous silica (oral communication)
18.45     Pedro Cintas: Novel amphiphiles based on carbohydrates: Assessment of rheological and mesogenic properties (oral communication)
19.00     End of session

20.00     Guided walking tour through the Old Town

Thursday September 10, 2009

Session 4. Catalysis. Chairman: Víctor Martínez
9.00       Matthias Beller: Catalysis – A key technology for Sustainable Chemistry and energy production (invited lecture)
9.45       Annie-Claude Gaumont: Catalytic synthesis of phosphines (oral communication)
10.00     Yusuke Mikami: Hydroxyapatite-supported silver nanoparticle catalyst for selective hydration of nitriles to amides in water (oral communication)
10.15     Chunfeng Shi: Bi-functional titanosilicate with hollow structure and precious-metal combined (oral communication)
10.30     Bin Sun: A new technology for cyclohexanone oxime by one-step process for the amoximation of cyclohexanone (oral communication)

10.45     Coffee break/Poster session

Session 5. Biocatalysis. Chairman: Josep Castells
11.15     Pablo Domínguez: Industrial C–C bond forming reactions by means of bio- and organo-Catalysis (invited lecture)
12.00     Jordi Boireu: PURAC: Concepts for Sustainable Biobased Chemistry (keynote lecture)
12.30     Dana Kralisch: Bacteria-produced nanocellulose – A fascinating biopolymer. Bioprocess design and application (oral communication)
12.45     Upendra K. Sharma: Greener approach towards synthesis of bioactive phenolics: Use of biocatalysts and ionic liquids (oral communication)

13.15     Lunch

Session 6. Photocatalysis, energy technologies and molecular topology. Chairman: ???
15.00     Angelo Albini: Photochemistry: a viable issue for "Green" Synthesis? (invited lecture)
15.45     Julia Pérez-Prieto: Coalescence of functionalised gold nanoparticles photocatalyzed by aromatic ketones (oral communication)
16.00     Noboru Sato: Energy technologies and business models for sustainable society (oral communication)
16.15     Jorge Gálvez: Prediction of different parameters of solvent and catalyst free organic reactions by molecular topology (oral communication)

16.30     Coffee break/Poster session

17.00     Guided visit to the Aljafería Palace

Friday September 11, 2009

Session 7. New reactivities and solution chemistry. Chairman: Pedro Cintas
9.00       Chao-Jun Li: Exploring new reactivities for synthetic efficiency (invited lecture)         
9.45       Anil Kumar: Physical Chemistry of organic reactions in water and ionic liquids (keynote lecture)
10.15     Markus Wagner: Ionic liquids – How to convert unique properties into applications of commercial interest (oral communication)
10.30     Kamalika Roy: A green synthesis of ionogel from Fe-dextran and a room temperature ionic liquid (oral communication)

10.45     Coffee break/Poster session

Session 8. Ionic liquids. Chairman: Juan I. Pardo
11.15     Cornelis J. Peters: The role of phase behaviour principles for designing green processes with ionic liquids and carbon dioxide as solvents (invited lecture)
12.00     Carlos A. Nieto de Castro: Ionic liquids and ionanofluids as new heat transfer fluids. Science and applications (keynote lecture)
12.30     Luis C. Branco: Development of ionic liquids as organic materials (oral communication)

13.00     Lunch

Session 9. Reactions in water. Chairman: José Antonio Mayoral
15.00     Carmen Nájera: Palladium-catalyzed C–C bond forming reactions in aqueous media (invited lecture)
15.45     M. Saeed Abaee: A green aqueous conditioned Baylis–Hilman procedure: the first application of heterocyclic enones (oral communication)
16.00     Eduardo Pérez: Reactions in supercritical water (oral communication)          

16.15     Coffee break/Poster session

Session 10. Green chemical engineering. Chairwoman: Ana M. Mastral
16.45     Ian R. Baxendale: Recent achievements in Flow Chemistry improving Synthesis (invited lecture)
17.30     Geoffrey R. Akien: A widely applicable method for measuring phase behaviour: the pressure drop in continuous flow (oral communication)
17.45     Giancarlo Cravotto: A green approach to process intensification in Organic Synthesis (invited lecture)
18.30     Eduardo García-Verdugo: Sustainable chemical transformations based on the use of functional polymers under flow conditions (oral communication)

Closing. Chairman: José S. Urieta
18.45     Suschem Awards (in Spanish)
19.00     Closing ceremony


Surname Name Organism Country
Hernández-Hernández Hugo M. CIEA - Inst. Politécnico Nacional México
  A novel RuxRhy(CO)n bimetallic catalyst with potential for PEM fuel cell applications
Hernández-Hernández Hugo M. CIEA - Inst. Politécnico Nacional México
  RuxIry(CO)n: A new electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation, with potential applications in PEM fuel cells 
Lin Min Res. Inst. of Petroleum Processing China
  The synthesis of new environmentally friendly catalytic material(HTS)*
Uribe-Godínez Jorge CIEA - Inst. Politécnico Nacional México
  Catalytic properties of iridium carbonyl clusters for oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation, synthesized in a reductive atmosphere
Uribe-Godínez Jorge CIEA - Inst. Politécnico Nacional México
  Iridium based electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation, in the presence of fuel cell contaminants.
Uribe-Godínez Jorge CIEA - Inst. Politécnico Nacional México
  Contaminant-tolerant rhodium electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation. Prospects for PEM fuel cell applications
García-Abarrio Sandra M. Univ. de Zaragoza Spain
  Thermophysical Properties of Environmental Friendly Mixtures: Linalool + Ethanol
Haya M. Luisa Univ. de Zaragoza Spain
  The Electrochemical Way: A Suitable Alternative Process for the a-Alkoxylation of Carbamates 
Marín Ingrid Univ. de Zaragoza Spain
  Optimization of the supercritical fluid extraction of grape seed oil 
Salvatella Luis C. Univ. de Zaragoza Spain
  A C–H...O Hydrogen Bond Is the Key of the High Enantioselectivities of Asymmetric Catalyzed C–H Carbene Insertion Reactions
Salvatella Luis C. Univ. de Zaragoza Spain
  The Master's Course in Sustainable Chemistry of the Zaragoza University: The First Spanish EHEA-adapted Master's Degree
Torcal Marcos Univ. de Zaragoza Spain
  Green Process Development: Phase Equilibrium of 1,8-Cineole + 1-Propanol
Remiro Eguskiza  Aingeru Univ. Pais Vasco Spain
  Integration of Pyrolytic Lignin Valorisation and Crude Bio-oil Transformation
Remiro Eguskiza  Aingeru Univ. Pais Vasco Spain
  Effect of the support on the activity and stability of Ni based catalyst for hydrogen production by ethanol steam reforming
Adam Rosa Univ. de Valencia Spain
  Hydrogen Transfer Reactions Catalyzed by Palladium/Carbon on Triazolopyridines and Quinolines. Zinc/Water/Ethanol as Hydrogen Donors
Altava Belén Univ. Jaume I Spain
  Bisamino Amides as Chiral Solvating Agents for Carboxylic Acids
Bittner Bozena Univ. of Technology Poland
  Norbornene derivatives synthesized in catalytic system based on Lewis-acid and pyridinium ionic liquid
Castanheiro José E. Univ. de Évora Portugal
  Methoxylation of a-pinene over silica-included heteropolyacids
Castanheiro José E. Univ. de Évora Portugal
  Hydrolysis of sucrose over zeolites dispersed in PVA
Castanheiro José E. Univ. de Évora Portugal
  Esterification of glycerol with acetic acid over tungstophosphoric acid supported on silica
Choi Young Hwa Univ. of Ulsan Republic of Korea
  Solvent-free Halogenation of Aryl Amines via Stable Arenediazonium Tosylates
Doro Franco Aachen University Germany
  Direct oxidative carbonylation of glycerol 
Ereña Javier Univ. Pais Vasco Spain
  Catalytic cracking of a mixture of atmospheric residue and VGO under industrial unit conditions
Galindo Agustín Univ. de Sevilla Spain
  Solvent-less Olefin Epoxidation Catalysed by Rhenium Complexes
García M. Teresa IQAC / CSIC Spain
  Physico-chemical and biological properties of imidazolium and pyridinium based ionic liquids
Gil Nuno Univ. da Beira Interior Portugal
  Carbohydrates as a renewable source for bioethanol production
Gutiérrez Selena Univ. Nac. Autónoma de México México
  Degradation of Natural Rubber via cross-Metathesis with high functionalized olefins.
Herbert Matthew Univ. de Sevilla Spain
  Olefin Epoxidation in Ionic Liquids by Hydrogen Peroxide with Oxidiperoxomolybdenum catalysts
Herrero Santiago Univ. Complutense de Madrid Spain
  Easy synthesis of paddlewheel diruthenium complexes with N,N-donor ligands using microwave activation
Johal Amrit Univ. of Nottingham United Kingdom
  Chemicals from Lignin
Khalafi Lida Islamic Azad University Iran
  Kinetic Study of Catecholamines in the Presence of Nitrous Acid under Mild Acidic Conditions
Korili Sofia A. Univ. Pública de Navarra Spain
  Acidity evaluation by ammonia adsorption of supported metal catalysts derived from alumina-pillared clays
Lee Sung Wook Center for Research and Development Republic of Korea
  Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of Metal(Fe,Zn) Doped SiO2/TiO2 Composite Nanofibers
Malferrari Danilo Univ. of Bologna Italy
  A novel chiral synthone from biomass. Production of an anhydro isosaccharino-d-lactone from catalytic pyrolysis of cellulose and its application to the synthesis of bio-mimetic molecules
Malferrari Danilo Univ. of Bologna Italy
  Evaluation of the effects of oxygenated-imidazolium ionic liquids at different biological organization levels
Martí Vicente Univ. Jaume I Spain
  Bioinspired approaches to the synthesis of pseudopeptidic macrocycles: combination of experimental and in-silico technologies
Martínez-Merino Víctor Univ. Pública de Navarra Spain
  Direct synthesis of Glycerol carbonate from glycerol and scCO2 
Mendiola J.A. Inst. Fermentaciones Ind. - CSIC Spain
  Green food additives through near-critical fluid extraction 
Montilla FranciscoUniv. de SevillaSpainFirst Examples of Copper‑TEMPO Catalysed Alcohol Oxidation in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Novitskiy Alexander A. Univ. of Nottingham United Kingdom
  A continuous method to perform phase transition monitoring at sub- and supercritical water systems
Pérez Lourdes IQAC / CSIC Spain
  Lysine-based cationic surfactants: synthesis and study of the effect of the polar group on their biological properties
Perles Josefina Univ. Complutense de Madrid Spain
  Microwave assisted synthesis of elusive tetrakis(diaryltriazenido)diruthenium complexes
Piras Irene Leibniz-Inst. für Katalyse Germany
  Isomerization-Hydroformylation of Internal Olefins: New Modular H8-BINOL-based phosphite ligands
Porcar Raúl Univ. Jaume I Spain
  Synthesis and application of novel enantiopure chiral imidazolium ionic liquids
Prateeptongkum Saisuree Leibniz-Inst. für Katalyse Germany
  First iron-catalyzed reaction of t-butyl nitrite with styrenes in the presence of BH4- ion
Rafiee Mohammad IASBS Iran
  Electrochemical Oxidation of Catechols in the Presence of Diethyl phosphite
Restrepo Julian A. Univ. Jaume I Spain
  Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) immobilised onto Supported Ionic Liquids Like Phases (SILLPs)
Rioz-Martinez Ana Univ. de Oviedo Spain
  Synthesis of Optically Active Sulfoxides by BVMOs as Oxidative Biocatalysts
Rodríguez-Mata María Univ. de Oviedo Spain
  Stereoselective chemoenzymatic preparation of b-amino esters: Application to the synthesis of (S)-Dapoxetine
Samori Chiara CIRSA - Univ. of Bologna Italy
  Switchable solvents for the extraction of potential biofuels from algae
San Martín Raul Univ. Pais Vasco Spain
  New CNC palladium pincer complexes: An excellent, more sustainable choice for Suzuki-Miyaura couplings in water
Sharifi Ali Chemistry & Chem. Eng. Res. Center of Iran Iran
  Novel montmorillonite supported synthesis of benzofuran-2(3H)-ones via condensation of benzil with phenols
Tojo Emilia Univ. of Vigo Spain
  Novel chiral imidazolium-based ionic liquids derived from carvone
Torroba Javier Univ. Complutense de Madrid Spain
  Comparative study of conventional, solvothermal, and microwave assisted synthesis of nickel complexes
Wolfson Adi Green Processes Center Israel
  Green synthesis of isoamyl acetate in glycerol triacetate 
Zacharof M.P. Swansea University United Kingdom
  Development of a suitable growth strategy for intensive propagation and lactic acid production of selected strains of Lactobacilli
Kralisch Dana Friedrich Schiller University Germany
  Judging “Green” Chemical Engineering Approaches by Accompanying SLCA Studies
Langa Elisa Univ. de Lisboa Portugal
  Thermophysical properties of some Ionic Liquids and Ionanofluids
Leal José M. Univ. de Burgos Spain
  Microwave Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy of Imidazolium/Alkylsulfate and Tosylate Ionic Liquids
Lee Yongtaek Chungnam National Univ. Korea
  A Novel Separation of Butanol Using Zeolite Membrane
Pérez Herrera Raquel  ICMA - CSIC - Univ. de Zaragoza Spain
  N,N-Dialkylhydrazones as stable class of imine surrogates in an environmentally-friendly Strecker reaction
Reyes-Labarta Juan A. Univ. de Alicante Spain
  Using hydrotalcite for biodiesel production
Rivas Clara Univ. de Zaragoza Spain
  Physical Chemistry Study of a Cyclopropanation Reaction in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Ruiz-Carretero Amparo Univ. de Castilla La Mancha Spain
  Use of microwave irradiation for the sustainable synthesis of ureidotriazines
Tawil Georges Inst. Nat. Recherche Agronomique France
  Enzymic hydrolysis of concentrated raw starch suspensions




Housing is now open for the 8th Green Chemistry in Zaragoza. Reservations can be made directly with the hotels via email. The Organisation have been obtained special GCC rates with the following hotels.  The deadline for housing is Friday, August 14, 2009


2Located in a quiet private street in the centre of the economic and social heart of town. The emblematic hotel Palafox has 179 rooms, distributed in 3 categories, Hotel, Club and Ducal, 14 junior suites and 5 suites. At 200 meters from the main shopping street, the Paseo de Independencia. Winner of the Environmental Award for Aragon 2006

Accommodation Rates

119 € + 7% Taxes / Room and day (single or double)

Breakfast included

Please, complete and send the form to reservaspalafox@palafoxhoteles.com



23Five star Hotel situated along side the river Ebro. It will have176 bedroom with spectacular views over the river, the city and the ranillas meander. Parking in the same building (inside and outside) with parking spaces for coaches

Accommodation Rates

90€ + 7% Taxes / Room and day (single or double)

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1Four star hotel located in a semi-pedestrian zone in the city centre of Zaragoza in the financial and commercial district. Contains 148 rooms with individual air-conditioning and all modern commodities. Winner of the Environmental Award for Aragon 2006.

Accommodation Rates

70€ + 7% Taxes / Room and day (single or double)

Breakfast included

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34The hotel is located in the center of Zaragoza, near Gran Vía and only 20 minutes from the station of the AVE. The hotel has 92 big rooms with bathroom, air conditioning, heating, telephone, Canal +, music, minibar, safe and free WI FI.

Accommodation Rates

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82.50 € + 7% Taxes / Double Room and day

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You will find the on-line registration form clicking here. Please, fill out the registration form and send it to labquim@iuct.com.


Before July, 15th

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Full Participants

430 Euro

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* Conference fee includes: conference materials, coffee-break and lunch.


IUCT. The Green Chemistry Institute of Spain
E-mail: labquim@iuct.com
www.iuct.net / www.iuct.com
Phone: +34 93 579 34 32 Fax: +34 93 570 57 45

Álvarez de Castro, 63  08100.  Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona) Spain.

Avelino Corma. Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. Spain.
Decreasing Waste Production by Process Intensification with Uni and Multisite Catalysts

Mathias Beller. Universität Rostock. Germany.
Catalysis - A Key Techonology for Sustainable Chemistry and Energy Production

Pablo Domínguez. Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry RWTH Aachen University. Aachen (Germany).
Industrial C-C Bond Forming Reactions by Means of Bio- and Organo-Catalysis

Martin Poliakoff. University of Nottingham. United Kingdom.
Supercritical Fluids, Green Solutions for Green Chemistry

Chao-Jun Li. Mc Gill University. Canada.
Exploring New Reactivities for Synthetic Efficiency

James Clark. University of York. United Kingdom.
Green Chemistry and the Biorefinery: a Partnership for a Sustainable Future

Ian R. Baxendale. Cambridge University. United Kingdom.
Recent Achievements in Flow Chemistry Improving Synthesis

Carmen Najera. Universidad de Alicante. Spain.
Palladium-Catalyzed C-C Bond Forming Reactions in Aqueous Media

Angelo Albini. Universitá de Pavia. Italy.
Photochemistry: a Viable Issue for 'Green' Synthesis?

Giancarlo Cravotto. Universitá de Torino . Italy.
A Green Approach to Process Intensification in Organic Synthesiss

Anil Kumar.National Chemical Laboratory (Pune) . India.
Physical Chemistry of Organic Reactions in Water and Ionic Liquids

Cornelis J. Peters. Petroleum Institute. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates .
The Role of Phase Behaviour Principles for Designing Green Processes with Ionic Liquids and Carbon Dioxide as Solvents

Jordi Boireu . Purac.Spain.
Concepts for Sustainable Biobased Chemistry

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